Catalog Shopping for Maximo – Ariba Punchout Integration

Asset Partners has helped clients integrate Maximo with Ariba Commerce Network for many years, from a major university running Maximo 5 to a large manufacturer running the latest version of Maximo 7.6.


Integrating Maximo with an online commerce network like Ariba can range from adding basic “punchout” capability to Maximo to full end-to-end Maximo PO order placement and vendor invoicing integration via cXML. Using the latest Ariba and Maximo web services integration methods, we now offer the Ariba Punchout integration as a simple turnkey enhancement for Maximo.


This cost effective and high-ROI plugin enables anyone who requisitions materials in  your organization to jump to vendor catalogs available through your Ariba subscription, fill a shopping cart with accurate item definitions and pricing, and return those order lines directly to the Maximo Purchase Requisition.