Maximo Config Compare

A Must-Have Diagnostic and Configuration Management Tool For Maximo 6, 7.1, 7.5, & 7.6!


Configuration Pro makes it easy to create and archive snapshots of your Maximo configuration and to identify and report on differences between any of your Maximo installations or between the same instance over time.  This means there is no longer any need to keep a manual record of your configuration changes to Maximo as this will never be more accurate than Configuration Pro.


Configuration Pro analyzes over 800,000 different pieces of configuration data to identify even the smallest difference between your Maximo databases, such as between Test and Production. You can specify whether you want to analyze and compare all configuration settings or just certain types, such as screen definitions, relationships, domains, tables and fields, MEA definitions, workflows, indexes and keys, class extension references, and many others.



  • Save backup snapshots of your Maximo configuration quickly and easily.
  • View configuration changes made over time to your Maximo database.
  • View configuration differences between any Maximo databases.
  • Export any configuration differences to HTML, EXCEL, or WORD.
  • Share your Maximo configuration with support groups so they can replicate it.
  • Also includes Integrity Checkers to validate your Maximo Indexes and Sequences.



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