Maximo Integrated Label & Barcode Printing

With LabelPro, you can easily create high quality labels from within Maximo. Maximo generates the labels with a single click for single Maximo records or groups of selected records.


To add smart labeling capabilities to Maximo with LabelPro, simply specify the address of your network label printer (such as a Zebra, Eltron, or Toshiba label printer) and customize the label templates for each type of label that you want to generate, including bar codes if desired.


No matter what printer manufacturer you use, Label Pro injects support for IF / THEN / ELSE conditional programming into the label design, so that you can build a single smart label for each application that varies appropriately based on Maximo record data. For example, a calibration label may show the test results for a passed calibration test and a “No Pass” warning message on the label when printing for a failed test, a PO receipt label may include stock information if it’s a receipt to be stocked in an inventory bin and “Deliver To” information if it’s a direct issue on receipt to a work order or facility location.  The result is that your users don’t have to pick label designs for each business case, they can simply click once to print labels and let Maximo generate the correct label layout with the appropriate data and bar codes.


Other features include:

  • Send labels directly to your label printers (no hassle with using Actuate, BIRT, Crystal or any other clumsy middleware)
  • Special label printing dialog for PO receipt labels so quantity of labels needed for each receipt can be easily specified.
  • Users can print labels from List screen (for all selected records) or from Main record screen.
  • Associate any number of label definitions with Maximo modules and label printers.
  • Assign label printers and label definitions for use by only certain Maximo users if desired.
  • Use any Maximo field variables in your label definitions.
  • Additional Maximo fields can be referenced in label definitions by creating standard Maximo Relationships.
  • Label printing security is maintained through Maximo’s standard User Group security settings.



With LabelPro you can add integrated label printing to any Maximo application

Out of the box, label printing is added to the following applications:

1. Work Order or Calibration Labels

2. Inventory Labels
Labels can be printed for each inventory item selected in Maximo’s Inventory application.

3. Bin Number Labels
Labels can be printed for storeoom bins.

4. Receiving Labels
Labels can be printed for PO receipts during the receiving process.

5. Equipment/Asset Labels
Labels can be printed for all selected Equipment/Asset records selected in Maximo.


LabelPro’s configuration settings are maintained through two new Maximo applications: Label Confiiguration and Printer Configuration.