Maximo Workflow & Procedure Development

Providing Maximo users with clear and concise step-by-step user guide offers a significant benefit.  In addition to reducing your ongoing support costs, this is often a key factor in ensuring that Maximo is used correctly and consistently, that employee acceptance of Maximo remains high, and that your overall Maximo project is a success.

Building “Standard Operating Procedures” for your Maximo users is a specialty of ours and we have procedure authoring tools that enable us to do this quickly.  The guides that we build are optimized for your organization’s business processes and promote best practices in your use of Maximo:

  • The guides are modified as necessary to reflect your specific Maximo business processes.   A generic training guide or procedure can cause more harm than good if you have specific user requirements or have customized Maximo.
  • Screen shots are swapped for your customized Maximo screens (our authoring tool allows this to be done with minimal effort or cost).
  • The guides are very user friendly, with clear graphical call-outs for each step.  These are also hyperlinks to the associated steps in the step-by-step procedure that follows every annotated screenshot.
  •  Adding or modify procedure steps or graphical call-outs can be done without having to modify any other part of the procedure (existing call-out graphics and procedure steps are dynamically renumbered and ordered).
  • Your organization’s procedure guides are accessible from within Maximo so your users can find them easily.  Users can also search by keywords to find topics on any questions they have.
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