Log Watcher™ for Maximo

Log Watcher monitors important Maximo log files, storing results or errors in a new Maximo Log table so that you can review results within a Maximo Log Watcher application or receive configurable email alerts for errors, events, and trends.

Benefits include:

  • Customizable alerts and trending from important data buried in various Maximo log files.
  • Immediate email alerts for critical errors in Maximo’s SystemOut or SytemErr logs.
  • Monitoring of Maximo’s PM Generation log to report on PM generation failures to the appropriate manager or planner.
  • Create custom alerts for any status or error code.
  • Easily confirm a Maximo instance is started, stopped, or in Admin Mode.
  • Supports monitoring of multiple Maximo clustered servers and JVM’s.
  • Track instance metrics such as concurrent logged-in sessions or memory user per instance over time.
  • No more searching through cryptic logs, hoping to spot problems or errors.
  • No more worrying that performance warning are being logged but going unnoticed until it is too late.
  • Install and configure in minutes.