Maximo Database Platform Migration

Need to convert your Maximo database platform from Oracle to SQL Server or from SQL Server to Oracle?

Switching the Maximo database server platform is a complex change that involves more than just moving data. Precise changes are also required to the target data model such as data types, indexes, and sequences as well as to Maximo record definitions for things like queries, workflows, and BIRT reports.  Asset Partners has provided this service for many years and offers a turnkey database platform migration service.

Typical reasons we move clients from Oracle to SQL Server include:

  • Annual cost savings on database vendor license.
  • Simpler database administration.

Typical reasons we move clients from SQL Server to Oracle include:

  • Need for very large database support and performance.
  • Requirement for Maximo application support for double-byte language in a multi-language database.

Please contact us for more information on changing your Maximo database vendor.