Maximo Configuration & Development

To really capitalize on your investment in Maximo, you need to configure the product to meet your needs and align with your organization.  If you plan to only use Maximo “out of box” then you’ve overpaid for your EAM/CMMS solution and you’ll end up with a generic application that is not always user friendly and is not optimized to best support your operations.

Fortunately, most Maximo optimization and tailoring can be done via configuration methods within Maximo itself rather than actual code customization.  This means that changes and enhancements you want to make to Maximo are easier to create and maintain and they survive future Maximo product upgrades intact.

Asset Partners has unmatched, expert-level capabilities to make Maximo work better for you using all supported methods such as:

  • Application Designer
  • Database Configuration
  • Conditional UI (User Interface)
  • Escalations & Email Alerts
  • Start Centers with KPIs, Workflow Assignments, and actionable Result Sets
  • Automation Scripts
  • Workflow Designer
  • Class Extensions

Contact us to discuss how you’d like to improve Maximo for your organization — we’ll have some good insights for you and can explain how your goals can be achieved.