Maximo Site Divestiture

Need to reorganize your own Site data instead?
Ask us about our Site Builder for Maximo tool to move
entire Location hierarchies between sites, along with
all associated current and historical data.

Are you divesting one of your businesses or selling an operating site? Many of our clients, particularly in the power generation industry, have bought and sold operating units over the years. To support this we have developed a process to “carve out” the divested Maximo data in order to quickly and cost-effectively provide a fully functional Maximo database containing only the relevant data to the buyer.

This turnkey service results a Maximo database containing only specific Sites or Organizations and the related shared data records that are used by the records in those Sites/Orgs. To create this standalone Maximo database for only the divested business or sites, we only need a copy of your Maximo database. The new Maximo “carve out” database is then provided for you to load or to provide to the buyer, along with an analysis showing before and after record counts at System, Set, Org, and Site scope levels for each table in Maximo.

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