Maximo Developer Training

Sample MIF Topics:
– Integration Overview
– Activating and Preparing the System
– Integration Setup and Configuration
– Transaction Processing
– Data Loading
– Error Handling

Sample Automation Scripting Topics:
– Overview of Automation Scripts and Scripting Languages
– When to use (and not use) Automation Scripts
– Creating Validation Scripts
– Creating Maximo UI Behavior Scripts
– Creating Data Update Scripts

Prefer to have the Maximo changes done for you?
Maximo Tech Support

Asset Partners specializes in high impact Maximo developer training workshops such as:

  1. Automation Script Development
  2. Maximo Integration Framework (MIF)
  3. BIRT Report Development for Maximo

Our Maximo developer training is unique in several ways:

  • Our Maximo developers are also certified Maximo consultants who understand the underlying business process.
  • We conduct a dedicated training webinar for each client organization.  This is so we can tailor our content to your skill levels and goals.
  • Whenever possible we use your real life examples as our training exercises during the workshop.  That means we’re working with your team to develop things like automation scripts, interfaces, and reports that you actually need during the training session.  The result is more targeted knowledge transfer and a true deliverable that you can use in addition to the training workshop.

Please contact us to schedule your training workshops now!